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Brackin Elite Swim Training focuses on combining the art and science of swimming using the latest technology in aquatic training and analysis to develop a comprehensive and individualized swimming regimen that maximizes efficiency and accelerates the competitive edge for high-performance athletes.

Learn about our training style

Coach Kim Brackin

Coach Kim Brackin has twenty years of experience coaching at the collegiate level and working alongside some of the most renowned swimming coaches in the world. She recognizes that specific training goals are different for each client; college-bound athletes, collegiate swimmers, masters swimmers and triathletes will all feel completely understood when swimming for Coach Brackin, as she tailors her approach and regimen to each athlete's needs in a way that accelerates the learning curve and produces measurable improvements in technique.

High School/Club Swimmers

"Have you ever gone to swim camp and felt like just one of many? Well, think of this as your own private swim camp"

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High School/Club Swimmers


"Have you ever gone to swim camp and felt like just one of many? Well, think of this as your very own private swim camp: one-on-one attention from the head coach, motivational and inspirational anecdotal stories, the ability to ask questions and review concepts you don’t understand on YOUR timeline, and walk away after each session with the confidence that you have the tools to maximize your potential!"

  • Personal attention and instruction from a coach who has mentored hundreds of athletes.
  • Consistent reinforcement on specific skills.
  • Tips and advice on how to manage your workouts.
  • Coach Brackin studied sports psychology in graduate school; allow her to help you understand and engage in productive goal-setting practices.
  • Sometimes it takes someone other than your parent or coach to help you stay engaged and motivated in your progress.
  • Planning on swimming in college? Get valuable information on what college coaches look for and how to prioritize YOUR needs.
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Collegiate Athletes

"Transitioning to a new environment can be incredibly challenging. I can help you fine-tune & put your technical priorities back on track."

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Collegiate Athletes


"Transitioning to a new environment can be incredibly challenging. There is so much to take in—sometimes you just get overwhelmed and lose track of some of the little things that got you there! I can help you fine-tune and put your technical priorities back on track. You’re doing the hard work; when hundredths of a second are the difference between making a cut or not, know that technically YOU have the edge."

  • Personal attention and instruction from a coach who has mentored hundreds of successful collegiate athletes just like you.
  • Learn and practice cutting edge technique and get the consistent reinforcement you need to master them.
  • Learn the art of balancing a new training regimen, a new environment, communication with a new coach and how to be a talented kid in a group of MANY talented kids!
  • Get valuable advice on mental training and nutrition.
  • Coach Brackin studied sports psychology in graduate school; allow her to help you understand and engage in productive goal setting practices.
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Masters Swimmers

"You’ve done it for years and years, why shouldn’t you continue to improve!"

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Masters Swimmers


"You’ve done it for years and years, why shouldn’t you continue to improve!"

  • Learn new forms of technique that weren’t necessarily practiced while you were in the age group ranks.
  • You recognize the importance of seeing yourself from different angles and from the perspective of different eyes.
  • Learn drills you can take with you to your Masters workouts.
  • Become more confident as you get consistent reinforcement on the improvements you are trying to make.
  • Learn valuable tips for increasing strength, flexibility and how to manage your workouts and races.
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"Let me help you be excited about the swim leg! Dive in with confidence that you can efficiently get to T1 without wasting precious heartbeats"

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"Let me help you be excited about the swim leg! Dive in with confidence that you can efficiently get to T1 without wasting precious heartbeats on pure anxiety! So much of the swim is about body position, sighting and strategy. Once I help you learn to swim more efficiently, your water training will be about getting faster not just getting by! Picture yourself hitting the bike transition FULL of bikes?"

  • Learn better body position that will allow you to use your legs for propulsion rather than balance.
  • Learn the subtle differences between “pool�? swimming and open-water swimming.
  • Become more comfortable and confident in the water.
  • Learn proper sighting technique.
  • Develop valuable shoulder strength and flexibility.
  • Develop the core strength that helps generate power for swimmers.
  • Practice transitioning from swim to bike (bring your bike to your session).
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Swimming is an art and a science.

No two athletes are alike—when it comes to stroke and learning style. Brackin Elite Swim Training (BEST) offers key insights and instruction for every type of learner, ensuring that the teaching tools parallel the swimmer’s ability to take in new information.

By combining these three learning styles in a comprehensive approach, BEST clients thrive, both in the water and on the deck. Best’s approach maximizes the training experience and efficiently improves technique, leading to fine-tuned mental and physical racing skills.

About Coach Brackin

"I have been extremely fortunate to work with and watch some of the world’s most talented swimmers. I actively engaged each of those diverse athletes in the coaching experience so that I could learn from them and begin to understand what works best for each one. I’ve listened to, watched and debated with some of the world’s best coaches so I could become a stronger teacher. Now, I help a broader spectrum of athletes discover the nuances of their own technique and use it to their advantage in the water." –Coach Brackin

A proven track record…

Brackin CoachingWith over 20 years of collegiate swim coaching experience, Kim Brackin has proven her dedication to helping swimmers reach their potential as elite athletes. Her passion has driven her to build her own business, Brackin Elite Swim Training, so that she can provide one-on-one coaching to high-performance athletes using the latest technology.

Coach Brackin has coached athletes ranging from promising high school recruits to triathletes to Olympic and World Champions. She’s known for heightening the performance of world record holders, Olympic gold medalists, NCAA Champions and Division 1 athletes.

Throughout her career, Coach Brackin has been a leader among her peers and a mentor to every athlete she’s coached. She’s incredibly proud of having mentored 7 female Olympians to a total of 7 medals, including 2 gold. She’s also mentored 9 female World Champion swimmers who took home 9 total medals including 4 gold, and trained 14 World University Games swimmers who garnered 7 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze medals.

…of generating results…

Brackin CoachingWith international experience at the highest levels of competition, Coach Brackin helped bring the Auburn University and University of Texas women’s swim teams to new heights.

After acting as head coach for the Zimbabwe National Team and coaching swimmer Kirsty Coventry to Olympic gold in the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games, Coach Brackin continues working one-on-one with driven athletes through her Austin-based Brackin Elite Swim Training. With each athlete, Brackin concentrates on fine-tuning their primary technique skills and ultimately attaining measurable improvement in the water.

…in the pool and in life.

Coach BrackinCoach Brackin lives with her husband and two children in Austin, Texas, the home base of Brackin Elite Swim Training. In addition to being a stellar coach and mentor, Coach Brackin is an athlete in her own right—she participated in Sprint, Olympic and 70.3 distance races from 1991 through 1999 and placed 4th in the Great Floridian Ironman in 1999.

Coach Brackin is a USA National Team Coach, member of USA Swimming and the American Swimming Coaches Association.

Read what a number of world class athletes and coaches have to say about their experiences working with Coach Brackin!

Brackin Coaching an Olympic Athlete


With every Brackin Elite Swim Training plan, Coach Brackin works with you on perfecting your technique using the latest technology. She also ensures that your learning process is fluid and consistent by working with your regular swim coach and providing ongoing access to your personal DartFish channel.

    Training Packages

    At BEST, we know that continued positive reinforcement and repetition are essential for making significant changes and mastering new skills. Because Coach Brackin values a long-term athlete-coach relationship to foster maximum physical and mental growth in each athlete, she has developed training packages that foster that relationship through an intensive series of individualized one-hour sessions.

    Training packages include:

    • A series of personalized 60-minute technique sessions
    • Technique consultation
    • Specific drill instruction based on your stroke strengths and weaknesses
    • Strength and conditioning exercises to support efficient swimming technique
    • IKKOS Training method
    • Following each session, Coach Brackin will send you detailed analysis of your stroke, and drills practiced, which will allow you to effectively and consistently track progression of new skills
    • Race strategy consultation
    • Mental training tailored to the client’s individual needs, including character development for the college-bound student athlete
    • Nutritional advice to support optimum training
    • Online scheduling to allow maximum flexibility for your scheduling needs
    • Brackin Elite Swim Training t-shirt and swim cap

    6 sessions: $900 ($150)**

    12 sessions: $1,600 ($133)**

    Introductory session (30 min): $100*

    Single 60 minute session: $180***

    **Payment plans are available and can be decided upon with Coach Brackin

    *30 min introductory sessions are available to new clients who wish to experience BEST’s unique learning environment, ask questions and get to know Coach Brackin. Introductory sessions include 15 minutes of in-pool assessment and 15-minutes of DartFish orientation and analysis. $75 of the cost will be applied to your purchase of any package of sessions following the introductory session.

    ***Although it is preferred that you are coached on a regular basis by Coach Brackin, if you are in town for a short visit or just want to get some feedback on what your stroke mechanics are at the moment, a single session may be what you are looking for. During this 60 minute session, Coach Brackin will analyze your stroke, give you valuable insight on your strengths and weaknesses, collect and post video footage, and teach you a few drills to take home with you.

    Referral policy:
    The success of any business often depends on word of mouth referrals. If you are satisfied and feel comfortable referring your friends and teammates to BEST, so that they too can take advantage of this incredible learning environment, I will credit you with one 1 hour session at no charge for any client, that lists you as a referral on their registration form and signs up for at least a six session package.

    Personal Mini-Camp (2.5 days): $950

    For local athletes, or those who are visiting Austin for a race or vacation, the personal mini-camp provides intensive instruction over a short period of time, either leading up to a big event or working within the time constraints of a busy schedule.

    Key activities include:

    • Up to five 60-minute individual pool sessions, including technique consultation and instruction
    • The option of one mental training session and/or character development session for the college-bound student athlete
    • Instruction on strength and conditioning exercises to support efficient swimming technique
    • Three 30 minute online Skype or phone follow up sessions with Coach Brackin to discuss race strategy, mental training, nutritional advice and/or review ongoing stroke instruction
    • Brackin Elite Swim Training t-shirt and swim cap
    • During camp:
      • Option to stay on-site in a fully furnished apartment at an additional cost ($100/night – rates may fluctuate based on time of year)
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    Access to Expertise Camps

    Access To Expertise Camps are small, focused camps with the goal of providing unique access to some of the best, most experienced minds in swimming. During Coach Brackin’s 20 years’ experience coaching internationally and at the collegiate level, she developed strong professional relationships with coaching peers and athletes. Kim will leverage her access to this unique community of individuals and ask them to step away from their teams, to slow down and lead highly interactive and focused coaching at Brackin Elite Swim Training, as well as some off-site venues.

    This will be an opportunity to receive innovative, cutting-edge and often “secrets of the trade�? coaching in a state of the art environment. Camps will be limited to small numbers, generally under 20. Please email kim@brackineliteswimtraining for more information on what types of camps are scheduled and when they will take place. Sign up for the BEST newsletter and like the BEST Facebook page to stay current on events at BEST.

    Our Next Camp:

    Take part in this exceptional 2.5 day opportunity to work with two world class coaches to refine your open water skills, gain confidence and speed and learn tactical skills to execute your best open water swim ever. Whether you are an accomplished pool swimmer or triathlete working on their completive edge you will leave the camp a better open water swimmer.

    Kim Brackin, owner and head coach of Brackin Elite Swim Training in Austin, TX, hosts the camp in both her facility, as well as Austin’s premier open water training site, Pure Austin’s Quarry Lake. Coach Brackin has coached athletes to 7 Olympic and 9 World Championship medals. She has been a part of 7 NCAA Championship teams and is a USA Swimming National Team. She is highly respected for her exceptional knowledge of swimming technique and training methods.

    Catherine Vogt: Nominee for 2012 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year
    The only coach at the 2012 London Olympics to personally coach both a male and female marathon swimming finalist; she went 2-for-2 in the Olympic 10k. Coach Vogt prepares her athletes strategically and tactically in practice so they can execute in the field of play?

    Catherine has served as the 2008 Head Coach of the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Team, Head Coach of both the 2006 Pan Pacific Open Water Championships and the 2007 Pan American Games. She is currently in her 7th season at USC as an assistant coach to both the men's and women's swimming teams.

    In 2012, Catherine was fortunate to watch TWO of her athletes collect medals at the London Games. She served in London as an assistant on the Tunisian Olympic staff as the personal coach to the 10k Olympic gold medalist Ous Mellouli. She was also on hand to guide her American phenom, Hayley Anderson to a silver medal in the 10k. Hayley is also the 2012 5k World Champion. Catherine is regarded as one of the world’s best coaches at transitioning success in the pool to the open water. This is evidenced in Hayley’s success as the 2012 NCAA champion in the 500 free and 3rd place finisher in the 1650, as well as Mellouli’s 2012 bronze medal in the 1500.

    Classroom, pool and open water sessions will take place at Pure Austin Quarry Lake and will be conducted by both Coach Vogt and Coach Brackin.

    Camp Schedule (subject to minor changes)

    Friday - May 30, 2014

    12:00-1:00 - Registration at Pure Austin Quarry Lake
    1:30-3:00 - Pool/Classroom session (Swimming with balance and length, getting confident in the OW, sighting)
    3:30-4:30 - Open water session (Entry/exit, sighting, 750 loop)
    6:30-7:30 - Social with heavy appetizers
    7:45-9:00 - Featured speaker Catherine Vogt

    Saturday - May 31, 2014
    9:00-12:00 - Pool/classroom & OW session (Balanced & tempo swimming, sighting, drafting, turning buoys)
    12:00-1:00 - Lunch (included)
    1:00-3:00 - Pool/classroom
    4:00-7:00 - Sign up for 15 min spots for Endless Pool filming @ Brackin Elite Swim Training

    Sunday - June 1, 2014

    8:00-9:00 - Sign up for 15 min spots for Endless Pool filming @ Brackin Elite Swim Training
    9:30-11:30 - Open water session (Pre-race warm up, skills review, timed 750 or 1500)
    11:30-1:00 - Lunch on your own
    1:00-3:00 - Sign up for 15 min spots for Endless Pool filming, Q&A / wrap up (nutrition, race day nutrition) @ Brackin Elite Swim Training

    Camp Fees

    Early Fish Registration: $1299 prior to April 15; $1499 on/after April 15

    • 30% Discount for BEST clients; 20% discount for Durata athletes
    • $300 deposit due upon registration (non-refundable after May 1st)
    • Balance due May 17 to confirm spot
    • Cancellation Policy: Deposit is non-refundable after May 1, 2014. If cancelling after May 17 and spot can be filled off the waiting list, BEST will refund all but the $300.00 deposit. If the spot cannot be filled there will be no refund issued.

    To Register:

    Email kim@brackineliteswimtraining.com

    Swimmers must be in good health, confident in the water and able to swim 500 yds continuously in order to participate.

    Remote Technical Coaching: $180 for initial session, $160 for any subsequent session

    For the athlete who can’t get to Coach Brackin but still wants to obtain expert technical advice on stroke efficiency. If you have the ability to be filmed above and below the water, even an iPhone in a waterproof case will do, you can easily learn valuable insight to apply immediately to your stroke.


    • Personal channel on DartFish.tv where you will upload your footage and see the analyzed end product
    • 30 minute phone or Skype technique consultation with Coach Brackin following the analysis which includes:
      • Specific drill instruction based on your stroke strengths and weaknesses
      • Strength and conditioning exercises to support efficient swimming technique
      • Training, race strategy and/or mental training consultation
      • Nutritional advice to support optimum training
    • Brackin Elite Swim Training t-shirt and swim cap
    SCHEDULE NOW (please include clinic & date you wish to register for)

    Off Site Clinics: Fees to be determined

    • Allows Coach Brackin to coach a number of athletes in their home pool
    • Technique sessions
    • Mental training/motivational session
    • Character development for the college-bound student-athlete

    On-site training in the BEST Endless Pool: $180 for first 60 minutes; $30 for every additional 15 min

    • Personalized coaching tailored to your individual goals.  Opt to include any of the services offered in the individual sessions.

    Travel to meets: Cost to be determined after consultation

    • Personal consultation on technique, mental coaching, race analysis and how to have fun when competing.

    Endless Pool Rental: $30.00/30 min

    Schedule Now


  • A completed waiver and registration form are required before the start of the first session.
  • Payment is due at the time of booking. BEST accepts cash, checks, VISA, & Mastercard.
  • Returned checks will result in $40 fee. Please make checks payable to Brackin Elite Swim Training.
  • Registration forms may be completed via e-mail.


  • Clients who cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice will forfeit the fee for that day’s session.
  • Clients who cancel with more than 24 hours’ notice will be allowed to reschedule their session based on Coach Brackin’s availability.
  • Clients who cancel mid-way through a session package will be subject to a $75 cancellation fee and will receive a refund for the remaining sessions.


BEST's state of the art facility is, hands down, the best environment available for mastering technique, overcoming bad habits, and reaching personal goals. Here’s what we mean…
The Endless Pool

The Pool

When is the last time you saw yourself swim? When was the last time you got immediate feedback, not 20 yards down the pool mixed in with 5 others in your lane, but right at your hip with all eyes on you?

This is where the Endless Pool Elite comes in. With the Endless Pool you’re able to watch yourself while you swim
 using the underwater and overhead mirrors, allowing for strategic adjustment in body position based on Coach Brackin’s real-time feedback. By controlling the power of the current, Coach Brackin can also custom-fit the experience to your style and strength.

Plus, every session is video taped from above and below the surface, so Coach Brackin can sit down with you and analyze the film during each session. You become an integral part of the learning process.

The Tools

Following each session, Coach Brackin will upload actual footage from that session of skills you worked on. Each session, she will upload a more detailed analysis of your stroke or a skill you are mastering that she's analyzed utilizing DartFish, the leading sports video technology. By individually pinpointing strengths in a controlled digital environment, YOU become engaged in the learning process. It's cutting edge stroke analysis at your fingertips.

The video footage is also available to your full-time coach after each session. Coach Brackin understands the importance of making sure your coach is involved in the process and knows what you are working on during your specialty sessions with BEST, as the ultimate goal is to improve your long-term performance in any environment.

The Perks

The BEST facility includes a brand new private bath, which you have full access to during your session. BEST also provides complimentary towel service to every client.

Swimmers who attend a Mini-Camp session also have the option to stay in Brackin Elite’s brand new, fully-furnished one bedroom suite, just steps away from the Endless Pool.



Read what a number of world class athletes and coaches have to say about their experiences working with Coach Brackin!

Working with Coach Brackin at BEST has really taken my swimming to the next level. The major difference for me was the combination of Coach Brackin's expertise in identifying stroke flaws, then translating them into ways I could understand to make the needed changes, along with the instant visual feedback from her Endless Pool and video system. I've had people give me swimming tips for years, but until I could see myself “real-time�?, it was difficult to understand how I was actually swimming versus how I thought I was swimming. Coach Brackin also has a superb, specialized, keen eye for technique and an ability to communicate with her athletes. This combination helped me make the largest leap forward in my swimming in my racing career.

Patrick Evoe - October 2012
Professional Triathlete

Kim is an excellent coach, her knowledge and energy was a great experience that I enjoyed at every session. She has subtle and effective way of breaking down the instruction and applying the technique into effective exercises and drills. Before I started with BEST I had no formal swimming background I lacked the technique that allowed me to swim efficiently. I struggled with my form and used my athleticism to pull me through years of triathlon races and simply gave up on ever improving. From her coaching I have gained confidence in the water and now attack training sessions in the water the same way I do on the bike and the run. Thank You Kim!

Nathanial Friedman - November 2012

As a Professional Ironman triathlete, I spend most of my days training --preparing for that next race. The specificity of my training program and the attention to detail is crucial for my development. It isn't just about banging out the miles on the road and the yards in the pool. Coach Brackin gets that. Triathletes are so good about being work horses, but the real secret is figuring out what is it within your stroke, within your swim training, that isn't allowing you to progress. Do you need more strength work? Should you work on your stroke rate? Is it your body position? Coach Kim and the BEST program will allow you to figure out where the "holes" are in your armor, so that you toe the line at your next triathlon confident for battle. The future looks bright and I am excited that BEST and Coach Kim, with her contagious energy and motivation, will be there!

Terra Castro
Professional Ironman Triathlete

Kim has helped my stroke tremendously over the last few months. I always thought I knew what proper technique looked like, but it wasn't until working with Kim that I finally began to apply the correct technique to my own stroke. Her attention to detail and constant feedback has made the process of becoming a swimmer a fun challenge.

Ben Munguia - October 2012
Age Group Triathlete; 2nd place finisher in the Austin 2012 Landrover TriRock Race

Working with Kim has dropped seconds off my times with no extra effort. She helped me correct stroke errors I had not known I was making.

Mike Harris - February 2013
Nationally Ranked Masters Swimmer

Being a USA Swim coach myself, I am always a bit leery of clinics. Kim totally blew away my expectations as well as Kaden's. The very first day before, the first session had ended, my trip was already worth the investment...and we still had 3 days to go! Not only is she obviously a great swim coach, she is able to connect with the kids at a personal level. How awesome is it that she not only teaches strokes, technique, racing strategies, among other things, but what truly sets her apart is how she coaches the swimmer as a person and a kid. In my opinion, Kim gets it! It is not all about cutting times and being the fastest, that is just a plus; it is also about being a good person, being respectful, all those values that we all love for our kids to have.

Derrek Amidon
Parent of a 14 yr old club swimmer and COSST Swimming Coach

My two sons have been swimming club for a couple of years and were in need of some fine tuning to their stroke technique to reach the next level. The BEST program was able to deliver on this goal in a short period of time. Being able to see themselves from multiple angles in real-time while swimming and being coached, as well as getting frame-by-frame analysis on film that could also be reviewed later at home, was very effective. The unique combination of technology and Kim's insightful, experienced coaching is powerful stuff indeed.

Dave Hammond - January 2013
Parent of 11 and 14 yr old swimmers

I can't tell you how grateful we are for your help. We finally saw him have the breakthrough meet we knew was possible. You cleaned up his stroke, but gave him much, much more. Ian left your pool motivated and armed with the self-confidence to succeed. He is excited, and can't wait for the next meet.

Kelly Clennan - January 2013
Parent of 11 yr old swimmer

Kim has made a positive impact on our daughter in many ways. Of course, she has helped refine her technique and improved her efficiency in the water. But just as importantly, she has given her a glimpse of the focus and dedication in takes to be an elite swimmer, while reminding her (and us) that swimming is just one aspect of her life. She is most certainly an athlete - but she is also a sister and a daughter and a student and a young girl - and that perspective helps remind us what it's all about.

Tony & Jackee Kayser - November 2012
Parents of a 9 yr old swimmer

I had the pleasure of working with Kim Brackin from 1997-2005 at Auburn University. Together we built a national championship program based on tenants such as, use of  progressive cutting edge technique, a complete attention to detail, and a highly intentional training program.  The culture was characterized by an enthusiastic and passionate team atmosphere.  Coach Kim's personal style and competencies match each of those program tenants and there is no doubt that in a one on one atmosphere she will have a remarkable impact on her students.
Kim, by her very nature highly inspirational and motivational, combined that with the fact that she is one of the USA's best technical coaches, Brackin Elite Swim Training will be a synergistic success for each student at all levels.

David Marsh
CEO & Director of Swimming at SwimMac, Two-time USA Olympic coach, seven-time National Team Coach, nine-time NCAA National Coach of the Year and a thirteen-time SEC Coach of the Year

Kim has coached me through 3 Olympic Games. Together we have achieved greatness – 7 Individual Olympic Medals! Kim has multiple qualities that make her an elite coach but if I was to choose one that has attributed to my success, it would be her perfection with technique. I have been honored to have her as a coach.

Kirsty Coventry
Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, four-time Olympic Silver Medalist, one-time Olympic Bronze Medalist, former World Record holder, World & NCAA Champion, two-time African Swimmer of the Year, Board Member of the International Olympic Committee

Kim is an amazing coach, motivator and friend! I can truly say that I would not have accomplished all that I have without Kim. Her mastery of stroke technique, passion for coaching and natural ability to motivate others are only a few examples of why Kim is one of the best coaches in the world today.
Kim has helped athletes achieve their full potential and win world titles by instilling fierce confidence grounded in a lifestyle of excellence and aggressive goal-setting. She understands the process for becoming a great athlete.
What is unique and wonderful about Kim is that she believes in honest evaluation but is equipped with the ability to motivate you to tackle your weaknesses with passion and enthusiasm as well as supplying the tools to continually grow your strengths.
I'm so blessed and thankful for the years I was able to work with Kim. Not only did I achieve my athletic goals, I made a lifelong friend!

Maggie Bowen
World and NCAA Champion, Age Group Triathlete

I had the privilege of working with Coach Brackin from 2002 - 2005 while I was at Auburn University. During this time Coach Brackin taught me about the attention to detail required in getting to the next level. There are many ways to swim fast, and Coach Brackin has a unique ability to help individual athletes find techniques that work best for them. Her emphasis on technique allows swimmers to develop the right training and racing habits. She has a total understanding of what it takes to become a world class swimmer and fearless competitor.

Eric Shanteau
Olympic Gold Medalist, World Record Holder

Having worked with Kim in various capacities over the past 12 years, she is without a doubt one of the most forward thinking coaches in the USA.  It is not only the attention to detail in stroke mechanics, but her ability to communicate those ideas to athletes of all levels that separates her from other coaches.  I am looking forward to her continued work within the sport as it not helps the individual athlete, but continues to aide me in our conversations about stroke technique.

Dave Durden
Head Coach, Univ. of California at Berkeley, two-time NCAA Coach of the Year

Kim Brackin can be included in the small club of truly elite coaches. She has coached along side the best coaches in the world, and has coached some of the best swimmers in the world. Her knowledge of swim technique, innovative ideas and passion for the pursuit of perfection helped me to reach the pinnacle of my career: the Olympic Games. I also saw her take Auburn University, a top ten level NCAA team, to a national championship-winning team in just a few shorts years. She conveys her knowledge of technique with patience and a positive attitude, which is essential for optimal enjoyment in the pool. Whether you are a beginner or elite triathlete, I would highly recommend Kim for anyone who wants to take their swimming to the next level!

Rada Owen
Olympic Gold Medalist, NCAA Champion

Kim has helped me improve my technique so much in every stroke, especially backstroke. During the years I was swimming with her my individual medley got a lot better. She is very knowledgeable and detail oriented which is very important for swimmers that have reached a certain level, details can make a big difference and that is what Kim is very good at; she is always trying to find ways to improve your stroke even if it is just the position of your fingers when they enter or little but important things of the sort.  She is always striving to make you a better swimmer, it is her passion! Kim is not only a great technique coach but she has been a great life coach and friend for me. She has taught me lessons of discipline, strength and determination in and out of the pool and at the same time she makes the sport a lot of fun! I am very thankful that I had the chance to swim with her the years that I did. 

Susana Escobar
Mexico Olympian 2012 & 2008 (400 & 800 Free), NCAA All-American at the University of Texas

Kim Brackin was the greatest coach I ever swam for. She consistently paid attention to details and developed my technique, which made an enormous impact on my success as a collegiate and professional swimmer. Under her guidance, I improved from a 70th place finish at the 2000 U.S. Olympic trials to a 3rd place finish in 2004 in the 100 meter butterfly. More importantly, Kim has been an influential role model for me. She is the reason that I got into coaching, and I continue to view her as a mentor and a friend.

Demerae Christianson
Coach, Auburn University

I was lucky enough to swim for Kim Brackin at Auburn University. I was 17 years old when I began swimming for her and at the time was nationally ranked and one of the best in the country in the 100 and 200 meter backstroke. By the end of my career, Kim coached me to become an eleven-time All-American, a three-time NCAA Champion, a Silver Medalist at the 2005 World Championships and a career high of 11th in the world. Kim's ability to perfect my stroke through astute teaching and committed guidance made all the difference. Because of Kim I finished my career the best I could possibly be.

Jeri Moss Shanteau
US National Team Member, World Championship Silver Medalist, NCAA Champion

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